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Training Toolkit

The I-TECH Training Toolkit CD-ROM (and website) contains original and revised resources for developing, delivering, and evaluating training on HIV-related topics and skills for health care providers. Training coordinators, curriculum developers, and trainers can all use the toolkit in preparing and presenting HIV and AIDS-related trainings. The materials are geared for those seeking to educate health care professionals on topics such as preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV, antiretroviral therapy, opportunistic infections, and voluntary counseling and testing.

Toolkit Sections

The toolkit is divided into seven primary sections. The first six sections cover the necessary steps in creating a training course:

  • Coordination: Tools such as sign-in sheets, agendas, checklists for planning training, and clinical preceptorship forms.
  • Needs assessment: Resources to help identify the training needs of your target participants.
  • Design: Tools for planning a training curriculum and determining training content.
  • Development: Tools for creating training manuals, handouts, and exercises.
  • Delivery: Helpful information on conducting a successful training.
  • Evaluation: Resources for evaluating training and assessing participant learning.

Each section includes an “In the Field” example that demonstrates how some of the tools can be used to help create and deliver training.

The seventh and final section of the toolkit, “Sample Curricula,” provides examples of curricula to be used as models for trainers to adapt. A complete version of the toolkit is available online.