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Learn the Six Steps

TEFT is presented in a series of six steps guiding you in development of a training outcome evaluation plan. For each step, you may:

  • Launch an e-learning activity.
  • Learn through a case study how to apply the tools.
  • Download the tool which contains instructions, and an example.

At first, it may be worthwhile to walk through the steps in order. However, you are also welcome to select and use just one or two specific tools.

Step 1: Identify Anticipated Outcomes

You’ll use the Training Evaluation Framework Template to walk through the outcomes you anticipate for the training. The template is a “blank” copy of the Training Evaluation Framework. Your completed Template will help you think more clearly about which outcomes you’d like to evaluate and at what level you would like to evaluate them.

Step 2: Address Situational Factors

You will use the Situational Factors Worksheet to identify situational factors that may influence the outcomes of your training intervention and which might hinder your ability to evaluate the intervention. It will help you consider how to address those factors in your evaluation.

Step 3: Refine the Scope of the Evaluation 

Use the Evaluation Considerations Tool to determine what level and categories of outcome might be best for your evaluation. While there is no single formula to guide the decision, the tool will provide some structure for you to think about several considerations:
1. the scope of the training intervention,
2. the intended use of the evaluation findings,
3. the evaluation time frame,
4. the evaluation team’s access to data,
5. the financial and human resources available for your evaluation.

Step 4: Define Evaluation Questions, Objectives, and Indicators

Use the Questions and Indicators template to refine the questions your evaluation will address and the indicators you will analyze to answer your questions.

Step 5: Choose Evaluation Design and Methods

TEFT resources may help you choose a design and methods to gather the information you need to answer your questions. The materials for this step provide a description of basic processes and concepts related to design and methods for training outcome evaluation, and include a set of examples. Because evaluation design is such a broad topic, this content is introduced on a separate page of this website.

Step 6: Plan the Evaluation

Use the template provided to write your protocol and evaluation workplan with the details you need to guide implementation of your evaluation.