Male Circumcision

Program Highlights

Case Finding and Retention in Care in Mozambique
I-TECH works with MISAU to expand a pilot project to provide an assisted partner services intervention. The project is aimed at encouraging patients newly diagnosed with HIV infection to disclose their status to their partners, and bring them to the clinic for testing ...
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Scaling Up Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision in Zimbabwe
Since 2013, a coordinated effort aimed at integrating the VMMC approach has relied on several partners brought together by the ZAZIC Consortium, a collaboration that is represented by the Zimbabwe Association of Church Related Hospitals (ZACH); the Zimbabwe Community Health Intervention Research Project (ZiCHIRe), and UZ-UCSF (University of Zimbabwe and ...
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TrainSMART and Other Innovative Training Models in Tanzania
Tanzania is in the process of adopting TrainSMART, a database system created by I-TECH, to track health care worker training, and working to integrate TrainSMART with the national Human Resource Information System (HRIS) ...
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Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision for HIV Prevention in Namibia
Since 2008 I-TECH has assisted the MoHSS in the expansion and provision of voluntary medical male circumcision as an HIV prevention option, first through national trainings of health care workers and, starting in 2014, through direct service delivery in the Oshana and Zambezi regions. Subsequently, in early 2016, I-TECH began ...
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