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From The Field:
Training Activities in Jamaica

healthcare trainers understand how important it is to get participants involved and active during a workshop, and to motivate them to begin the training on a positive note. These energising activities are an important part of the delivery of a training. During a training-of-trainers (TOT) workshop in Montego Bay, Jamaica sponsored by Caribbean HIV/AIDS Regional Training Network (CHART) and the CDC, participants received two tools to help them learn more about how to maintain the energy of participants throughout a training and how to begin a workshop for healthcare professionals in an energetic way.

100 Energisers is a compilation of activities that trainers can choose from to energise participants at key points during a training. Ice Breaker Activities for Training Sessions includes activities specifically designed to motivate participants to begin the training with energy and enthusiasm and allow participants to get to know their fellow training members. These tools provide moments of activity that can help generate greater enthusiasm at the beginning of and throughout a training.

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The delivery phase of training is when the coordination, assessment of learning needs, design, and development phases come together. Successful training delivery depends on:

  • Accurate identification of participants' training needs
  • A carefully crafted training plan
  • Well-managed training details
  • Thorough and relevant materials
  • A prepared trainer, ready to present a compelling learning experience

While the other steps of the training process focus heavily on creating the content of the training, the delivery or implementation phase is concerned with teaching the content and participant learning. Now that you have built your house, you want to invite people in to experience what you have created.

This section provides resources that will help you deliver training to your target audience. The section is divided into two main sections: Training Methods and Effective Communication Skills. Also check out the Online Resources available on training delivery.

Also included in this section on training delivery is a From the Field example of how to use a few of the tools to deliver training. Don't forget to monitor your ongoing progress by clicking on Chart your Progress.