The Digital Initiatives Group at I-TECH (DIGI) brings together individuals with a breadth of experience and skills in digital health. DIGI has researchers, digital health specialists, health workforce specialists, data analysts, and software engineers who are deployed on projects in a flexible and responsive way. DIGI also has access to a global network of staff, consultants, and vendors.

DIGI employs a shared faculty lead role to help leverage diverse resources from departments across the University of Washington. The DIGI co-faculty leads are:

The DIGI team staff members are:

Casey Iiams-Hauser, Senior Digital Health Specialist

Casey Iiams-Hauser leads the DIGI team’s technical contributions to the Côte d’Ivoire project. He serves the roles of technical project manager ensuring the project remains on track while also providing technical assistance to the team in design, development and testing, as well as installation and deployment. Mr. Iiams-Hauser has been managing the OpenELIS security upgrades for the past year and began work on the system in 2012. He speaks French. He holds his Master of International Affairs from Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs.


Carli Rogosin, Senior Digital Health Specialist

Carli Rogosin is a Senior Digital Health Specialist with DIGI. Her expertise includes curriculum development, training, and evaluation, primarily in laboratory and health systems development and strengthening. She is skilled in designing new software features based on user feedback and managing the software quality assurance process. She has also worked on stakeholder engagement and sustainability for health systems projects. Over the past year, she has led the capacity building of the Zimbabwe Data Improvement Project and guided the team towards deployment and implementation. She also leads the Digital Square project funded by PATH working to create out-of-the-box solutions for data exchange between OpenELIS and OpenMRS and between OpenELIS and OpenLMIS. She has also contributed to the design and training plan for the Policy Information Management System in South Africa. She holds a master’s degree in International Affairs from Columbia University and is fluent in French.

Greg Rossum, Software Engineer

Greg Rossum is an integral part if the DIGI team by providing expertise and analysis on software development and implementation. He has worked on multiple health informatics programs across several country programs at I-TECH, including Haiti, Botswana, Namibia and Cote d’Ivoire. Most recently, he has led the effort to convert the OpenELIS Java framework from Struts I to Spring. He will be the primary software engineer for the upgrades to the OpenELIS technology stack for Phase 3 of this project as well as the installation of the new version on the CDC infrastructure. He holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Calgary.


Tracy Sandifer, Senior Digital Health Specialist

Tracy Sandifer is a data scientist by training with extensive experience with large databases, particularly those associated with laboratory data. In addition to database optimization and designing applications of machine learning, Ms. Sandifer leads planning and prioritizing of feature enhancements, updates, and bug fixes for database and web-based projects. She translates programmatic needs and issues into technical specifications. She assists in software testing to ensure it conforms to specifications and program needs. She also provides written documents about information system design, digital health solutions, and implementation strategies for audiences with limited background on these topics. She recently contributed to the modernization of a bespoke EMR in Haiti, leading the effort to ensure data integrity during migration, establishing semantic and messaging standards, optimizing the database and queries so that the system performance was acceptable to end users, and ensuring the system operated at scale as deployment progressed. Ms. Sandifer holds an MPH in Epidemiology from the University of Washington.

Christina White, Senior Digital Health Specialist

Christina White is a software engineer with a specialization in health systems. She has served as a Technical Project Manager and Developer on Health Systems projects for over 10 years, and has been involved in all aspects of health systems development, deployment, administration and support. She has specialized experiencing translating clinic workflows in to informatics systems requirements, integrating paper-based workflows into electronic systems, and health information systems standardization and interfacing. She has developed custom interfaces that adhere to open standards for health information data exchange, as well as adapted open source and proprietary tools where necessary and appropriate. She has overseen the implementation of multi-platform, multi-site Electronic Medical Records Systems in resource limited settings, the largest of which involved 100+ clinical implementations. She specializes in User interface/User interaction (UI/UX) design and development, and has collaborated on human computer interaction studies. Additionally, she has experience with health systems database architecting, MVC frameworks, development and execution of full scope testing protocols, registration modules, and lab information systems adaptation and implementation. She has experience collaborating on the development of health information systems to meet the diverse needs of varieties of diverse stakeholder groups. She is the technical project manager on the Haiti HIS work and contributes to the Digital Square deliverables. Ms. White holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Bioengineering from the University of Washington.