Evaluation Reports

Since its inception, I-TECH has conducted more than 250 evaluations and assessments in the areas of health care worker training, certification, program scale-up, data quality, health information systems, service delivery — and much more. Below is a sample of links to I-TECH evaluations. For a broader picture of I-TECH’s evaluation and assessment work, visit the Publications and Assessments Overview pages.


Desk Review: Positive Health, Dignity, and Prevention (PHDP) in Botswana, March 2015

Evaluation of the Botswana Ministry of Health’s Workplace Wellness Programme, 2014


Building Effective Health Information Systems Under PEPFAR: Final Report of the Development of the eHealth Strategic Plan for Cameroon, September 2020


Improvement in Interpersonal and Clinical Skills among HIV Providers in Serving Key Populations in the Caribbean: Results of a Training Program Outcome Evaluation, May 2020

Digital Initiatives Group at I-TECH (DIGI)

Applied Economic Evaluation of Digital Health Interventions, February 2021


Process Evaluation: Transition and Institutionalization of I-TECH Ethiopia’s In-Service Training Program in Amhara and Tigray Regions, March 2015

Outcome Evaluation: The Transitioning of I-TECH Ethiopia’s Clinical Mentoring Program, February 2015

HIV Case Management in Ethiopia: A Pragmatic Approach to Maximizing Adherence to Long-Term Treatment and Retention in Chronic Illness Care, 2014


Report on Best Practices in “Point of Care” Implementation of the iSanté and OpenELIS Data Systems, August 2015


Implementation of HIV/AIDS Differentiated Service Delivery Models and Healthcare Process Outcomes in Siaya County, Kenya, March 2021

Kenya eLearning Modules Pilot, February 2016

A Review of Key Investments in the KenyaEMR Electronic Medical Record System, December 2015

KenyaEMR Process Evaluation Report, April 2014


Investigation of suboptimal outcomes in the pediatric lopinavir/ritonavir pellets pilot in the Malawi antiretroviral treatment program, August 2018

Universal antiretroviral therapy eligibility and tuberculosis case finding among HIV infected clients in Malawi: lessons learnt, Abstract WEPEB062, 22nd International AIDS Conference, July 2018


Acceptability and Effectiveness of the Telephone Consultation Service for Clinicians in Mozambique, 2021

Synchronous Distance Learning for Clinicians’ Continuing Educations in Mozambique: the I-TECH Model, Past or Future Practice? 2018

Acceptability and Effectiveness of HIV Partner Notification Support Services in an Urban Clinic, September 2018

Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Program: Analysis of the Results of External Quality Assurance, 2013-2017, September 2018

Evaluation of Demand Creation Activities by Mozambique’s Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Program, 2016-2017, September 2018

Association Between Using the Warmline for Clinics and HIV/AIDS Therapeutic Failure Management, 2017


The Namibian Extension for Community Health care Outcomes (ECHO®): Republic of Namibia Pilot Evaluation Report, November 2015-September 2016

HIS101 eLearning Pilot Evaluation, November 2016

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Patient Education and Empowerment to Improve Patient-Provider Relationships and Clinical ART Outcomes, January 2014

South Africa

A National Evaluation of Sexually Transmitted Infection Services in Public Sector Clinical Sentinel Surveillance Facilities, in South Africa, October 2016

The Effect of Three Methods of Delivering Clinic-Based STI Training on STI Syndromic Management in South Africa: A Cluster Randomized, Controlled Trial, October 2015

Improving TB and HIV care in South Africa, September 2015

Situational Analysis of TB, HIV and STI Services in the Department of Correctional Services, 2015

A Report of a Situational Analysis of Nine Regional Training Centres in South Africa, 2013


HIV Service Delivery Models: Mapping HIV Service Delivery Strategies in Tanzania, July 2017

Assessment of the National Patient Appointment, Tracking, Referral and Linkage Systems in Health Facilities and Communities in Selected Districts in Tanzania, July 2016

Results from a Needs Assessment of Selected Health Training Institutions and Practicum Sites for Housing the Doctor of Medicine Degree Training Programme, April 2016

Analysis of Student Recruitment, Selection, Placement, Enrollment, and Certificate Validation Process at Health Training Institutions in Tanzania, January 2016


Using the ClASS Technique for Monitoring the HIV/AIDS Response Performance at Ukrainian Health Care Facilities: Guidelines, 2016 [English]

Using the ClASS Technique for Monitoring the HIV/AIDS Response Performance at Ukrainian Health Care Facilities: Guidelines, 2016 [Ukrainian]