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I-TECH’s work in Cambodia began in 2013 on a laboratory program focused on refining operations and building capacity through improved quality assurance and management practices. The program continues to deliver intensive mentoring and support for laboratory workers, support for national laboratory system policy development, and job-specific training programs.

In 2018, I-TECH expanded its work in Cambodia with the Enhancing Quality of Care Activity (EQHA) program. The EQHA program aims to improve the quality of public and private health services in national and sub-national health systems by August 2023 by improving the national health policy regulatory framework and pre-service health education and training institutions.

In all efforts, I-TECH works closely with the Ministry of Health and local partners to support and strengthen laboratory systems and improve the quality of public and private health services in Cambodia.

Program Highlights

Laboratory Quality Stepwise Program in Cambodia

From September 2013 to September 2016, I-TECH conducted an implementation science research project to improve laboratory quality in Cambodia. The ...
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Enhancing Quality of Healthcare Activity in Cambodia

The overall goal of the Enhancing Quality of Healthcare Activity (EQHA) program in Cambodia is to improve the quality of ...
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Improving Laboratory Quality in Cambodia

I-TECH’s laboratory program began in Cambodia in 2013 with the goal to improve operations and regional biosurveillance and biosecurity through ...
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