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Health Leadership and Management

I-TECH’s leadership and management initiative (LMI) activities are built upon the premise that good leadership and management skills can be learned, and must be taught alongside other technical competencies as essential components of health systems strengthening. Visit our Everyday Leadership page for a collection of tools designed to support global health leaders and managers, including videos and other training resources.

Drawing on experienced global health faculty, I-TECH supports training and training-of-trainer programs in essential leadership skills – including advocacy and policy development, governance, values-based leadership, management, supervision, coalition building, and systems design and monitoring. These programs harness a range of methodologies to reach a diverse global audience, including distance and e-learning, skill assessments, workshops, curriculum enhancements, case studies, and supervised action plans.


  • Skill building in leadership and management should focus on measurable objectives.
  • Leaders and managers can and should use a variety of tools, including formalized methods for continuous quality improvement, to achieve program objectives.
  •  Leadership should be encouraged at all levels of an organization.
  •  Leadership development is founded upon personal practice.

Pedagogically, activities are structured following I-TECH’s six-level Framework for Training, which is designed to move learning from the classroom to the job site. Topics range from project management and use of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) data in decision-making to management issues such as team building and communication. Recognizing that the opportunities and demands placed on each leader are unique, all leadership and management activities are tailored to local and national contexts.