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Vision, Mission, and Principles


I-TECH envisions a world in which all people have access to high quality, compassionate, and equitable health care.


I-TECH is a global network that works with local partners to develop skilled health care workers and strong national health systems in resource-limited countries. I-TECH promotes local ownership to sustain effective health systems.



  • The I-TECH vision, mission, and operating principles guide our work with partners and our interactions.
  • We respect cultural differences and adapt our work to the communities we serve.
  • We care about one another and demonstrate that through our actions.


  • Our goal is to produce high quality work based on sound evidence, consideration of new ideas, effective collaboration, and rigorous evaluation.
  • We consider adaptation and adoption of our products and programs by partners a successful outcome of our work.


  • We honor our promises and resolve conflicts through direct and courteous communication.
  • Standards of quality are used to guide our work.
  • We believe in working collaboratively with partners to achieve the best outcomes.
  • We value the ability to respond to changing conditions and priorities in the workplace.


  • We assume good intent on the part of others and accept that real and lasting change takes time.
  • We view challenges and setbacks as invitations for reflection, innovation, and fresh perspective.
  • Our vision, mission, and operating principles sustain us.


  • We value our differences and encourage healthy debate, knowing that better decisions are made with a full sharing of perspectives.
  • We listen intently and express contrasting views in a manner that demonstrates our regard for others.
  • We appreciate the whole lives that people live.