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I-TECH began working in India in 2003 at the Government Hospital of Thoracic Medicine (GHTM) as a technical partner in capacity building activities benefiting clinical and program staff assisting the National AIDS Control Organization (NACO). Through an annual residential HIV fellowship program—funded by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and managed in collaboration with the Directorate of Medical Education and Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society—I-TECH provided clinical and leadership training to doctors.

I-TECH also played a key role in selecting, establishing and building the capacity of 10 Centers of Excellence (CoE) in HIV/ AIDS care under NACO, who is, in turn, responsible for providing technical mentoring and trainings to all 540 Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) Centers across the country. 

I-TECH India Private Limited (I-TECH India PL) was established as an independent entity in India in 2015 but remains closely affiliated with its longtime partner, the University of Washington. I-TECH India PL works with national and state governments and organizations to create robust and well-organized health systems through: better service delivery, capacity building of the health workforce, enhancement of health information systems and data quality, and formulation of guidelines and operating procedures.

I-TECH remains the lead partner to the Government of India and the CDC for implementation of HIV/ AIDS care and treatment activities in India. We support interventions at the national, regional, and site level, including online learning programs for health professionals in the Southeast Asia region. I-TECH India PL program activities are in line with the UNAIDS 95-95-95 targets and focused on the “middle and third 95” through work in cluster regions of Maharashtra and three North Eastern states of Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram.

Program Highlights

Formulating Guidelines and Operating Procedures in India
I-TECH India PL is part of various national ART and testing guideline groups of NACO in India, including Journey of ART Programme in India; HTS Guidelines; ART Guidelines for HIV-Infected Adults and Adolescents, May 2013; National Guidelines on Second-line and Alternative First-line ART For Adults and Adolescents, May 2013; Operational ...
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Strengthening Health Service Delivery in India
I-TECH India PL has successfully designed and implemented four differentiated ART service delivery models, including models for key population clients, in collaboration with other stakeholders in states of Maharashtra, Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram to develop a proof of concept for the national level scale up; Improved delivery of health services ...
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Enhancement of Health Information Systems and Data Quality in India
I-TECH India PL has provided national, state, and facility level technical assistance for improving quality, analysis and presentation of ART program data; developed innovative tools for tracking program progress based on data analysis of selected indicators over a period of time and submitted for national scale-up; and provided technical mentoring ...
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Building the Capacity of the Health Workforce in India
I-TECH India PL has worked with stakeholders to develop national training curricula for health care staff on delivering HIV care and treatment services. In addition, it has: Planned and implemented training programs for various cadres of clinical and program staff; Participated in medical officer training programs at the national level; ...
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