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Working With DIGI

The mission of the Digital Initiatives Group at I-TECH (DIGI) is to deliver innovative, appropriate, and user-centered digital health solutions that improve access to information and support decision-making by health workers, clients, and communities. DIGI is committed to collaborating with global communities to develop and enhance digital tools and provide technical assistance for effective implementation and sustainability. DIGI designs and delivers standards-based health information tools and platforms within a comprehensive package of services to foster robust digital health ecosystems. DIGI not only provides services to scope and build technical solutions to manage program or clinical data, it also partners with ministries of health and stakeholders to reinforce governance and policy, build capacity of staff, stakeholders, and end users, visualize and interpret the data collected, and evaluate performance to ensure sustainable implementation of the systems. By focusing on user-centered design and the delivery of health information tools and platforms, DIGI helps to empower individuals at all levels of the system.

Service Delivery Areas

• Software Design & Development
• Health Data Exchange Standards
• Health Systems Architecture

• Information Security
• Evidence-Based Evaluation and Implementation
• Digital Health Workforce Development

Working with DIGI: The Process

Below is a brief summary of the process when working on a project with DIGI. For a full overview of the process, please review the DIGI Overview and Process of Engagement documents.

Initial Project Planning

Clients and DIGI managing director work together to determine the needs, budget, and resources of the project.


Project Initiation
DIGI drafts a project agreement that outlines deliverables, milestones, timelines, and estimated budget for the project and identifies appropriate DIGI staff.


Project Implementation
The project is implemented per the final project agreement. DIGI will submit a monthly report to the client detailing activity, any revisions to the project, and emerging scope changes. The client is billed monthly for services.


Project Wrap Up
DIGI and the client meet to debrief on the project, discuss future activities, and determine need for follow up.