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Stories From the I-TECH Network

On Diversity

We spoke with I-TECH leadership from across the globe, who talked about how their life experiences have shaped what diversity means to them, both personally and in their workplaces:

Nadine Abiola, Executive Director, I-TECH CIV, Côte d’Ivoire

“When I moved to Cote d’Ivoire [from Cameroon]…I really learned how to work with diverse people. Everywhere I went, I gained a new way of thinking, a new way of working.”

Listen to Nadine’s story:


Dr. Jean Guy Honoré, Executive Director, CHARESS, Haiti

“For me, providing care for a human, there should not be any difference….But there is still some [consequences] of the period of colonization in the country that you can see sometimes….If you are able to speak French, or if you are white or almost white, you can receive better attention.”

Listen to Honoré’s story:


Patricio Marquez, former World Bank Lead Public Health Specialist External Advisory Board member, I-TECH

“If you value diversity, if you promote diversity, you are bringing different perspectives…you are able to offer a broader perspective, but also a richer way of doing things in order to improve the work.”

Listen to Patricio’s story:


Lewis Masimba, VMMC Demand Creation Manager, Zim-TTECH, Zimbabwe

“There is that attempt to be inclusive culturally, traditionally, tribally, by gender. So I think we are a pretty mixed population, though I think largely misunderstood.”

Listen to Lewis’ story:


Conrad Mitchell, Program Coordinator, Trinidad & Tobago

“My lived experience allows me to have a voice and to have a say in shaping how healthcare affects people living with HIV in my country….And that’s a very powerful thing to be able to say.”

Listen to Conrad’s story:


Dr. Laura Muzingwani, Cervical Cancer Prevention Lead, I-TECH Namibia

“When I came to Namibia [from Zimbabwe], suddenly I was the outsider….[Through this experience], I have really grown in terms of being more accepting and being more accommodating of people. This has helped me to have a broader view in terms of culturally different people.”

Listen to Laura’s story: