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Clinical Mentoring Toolkit

Clinical mentoring is a vital component of a comprehensive clinical training program, helping to bridge the gap between new skills, knowledge, and attitudes obtained in the classroom, and effective application of these in the health care setting. This clinical mentoring toolkit is a CD-ROM (and website) of comprehensive tools for developing, implementing, and evaluating clinical mentoring programs.

Toolkit Sections

Largely case-based, the toolkit features:

  • An easy-to-use structure organized by distinct target audiences, including clinical mentoring program planners, trainers of clinical mentors, and clinical mentors themselves.
  • 3-day curriculum for training mentors.
  • In-depth profiles of four different I-TECH clinical mentoring programs.
  • Tools and resources for mentors.
  • resource library with copies of clinical guidelines from the World Health Organization and Médecins sans Frontières, as well as useful articles from scientific and pedagogical literature.

Using the Toolkit