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TrainSMART Now Available in Seven Languages

The Training System Monitoring and Reporting Tool (TrainSMART) is now translated into Spanish and Portuguese, along with French, Dutch, Ukrainian, Russian, and English.

TrainSMART is an open-source, web-based training data collection system. It allows users to accurately track data about training programs, trainers, and trainees, to better evaluate programs and report activities to stakeholders. In addition to capturing training and participant data, TrainSMART has a robust reporting module that allows users to run various automatic reports, as well as create and save customized reports that can be run at any interval.

The new languages are already available for use on all websites.  TrainSMART administrators may activate them in the Administrative section under “Country Setup.”

TrainSMART has been deployed in more than 25 countries and scales effectively from small, institution-level deployments to national implementation.