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6th Botswana International HIV Conference

Gaborone, Botswana, August 24-27, 2016.

  • J. Broz, H. Matumo, T. Marukutira, S. Mawandia, R. Moumakwa, B. Semo, J. Ledikwe. Continuous Quality Improvement Activities Improved TB Data Completeness at Public Health Facilities in Botswana.
  • S. Mawandia, B. Semo, C. McConnico, T. Marukutira, J. Ledikwe. Reaching the ‘’first 90’’: Lessons Learned from an HIV Testing Program.
  • J. Ledikwe, N. Ramabu, L. Spees, S. Barnhart, C. Ntsuape, B. Semo, K. Wirth. Early Resumption of Sexual Activity Following Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision in Botswana: A Qualitative Study.
  • K. Wirth, B. Semo, L. Spees, C. Ntusape, S. Barnhart, J. Ledikwe. Prevalence of Adverse Events Following Medical Male Circumcision: A Prospective Study of Adult Men in Botswana.
  • J. Ledikwe, S. Mawandia, S. Barnhart, C. Ntsuape, N. Ramabu, B. Semo, K. Wirth. Male Circumcision, Sexual Satisfaction, and Risky Sexual Behaviors: A Qualitative Study in Botswana.
  • K. Wirth, B. Semo, C. Ntsuape, N. Ramabu, B. Otlhomile, R. Plank, S. Barnhart, J. Ledikwe. Triggering the Decision to Undergo Medical Male Circumcision: A Qualitative Study of Adult Men in Botswana.
  • T. Marukutira, D. Dickenson, J. Ledikwe, S. Mawandia, B. Semo. Impact of Non-citizens on HIV Epidemic Control in Botswana.
  • J. Ledikwe, M. Mpho, H. Mothibedi, S. Mawandia, B. Semo. Will Botswana’s ‘’Treat All’’ Strategy Result in Health Care Worker Burnout? Lessons Learned from the Botswana Workplace Wellness Evaluation.