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4th Annual CUGH Conference

  • Relevance of assessments for systems strengthening to medical education programs in sub-Saharan Africa. Authors: Sharma A, Brewinski-Issacs M, Lim C, Jeffries C, Reyes M.
  • Implementing Electronic Medical Records: Electrical Requirements to Advance Point of Care Use. Authors: Coq NR, Destine R, Balan JG, Murphy L, Duvilaire JM, Lober B, Lamothe R, Barnhart S.
  • Using a task analysis to establish an evidence base for nursing and midwifery education in Malawi. Authors: Jacob S, Maclachlan EW, Holman J, Msolomba R, Langdon F, Wasili R, Hunter C.
  • Developing a Family Medicine Training Program in Malawi: A blend of models to suit specific needs. Authors: Dullie L, Makwero M, Couper I, Lissit S, Behrens C, Bateganya M.
  • Faculty mentoring program to strengthen clinical teaching in nine Nurse-Midwife Technician (NMT) colleges in Malawi. Authors: Lissit S, Msolomba R, Wasili R, Kamchetere N, Holman S, Winters D, Bateganya M, Levine R.
  • Cross-cutting Combination Prevention Activities through Clinical Programs: Moving Towards an Interdisciplinary Approach to HIV Treatment and Prevention in Mozambique. Authors: Hunguana E, Dawson Rose C, Negrete M, Mudender F, Gutin S, Baptist Bucuane R, Simbone J, Munguambe A, Bachman C.
  • Building a Master’s in Public Health program at the University of Namibia, Windhoek, Namibia. Authors: Downer A, Gonzales V, MacLachlan E, Shepard M, Schutt S, Ali Deqa.
  • An innovative program to increase engagement of HIV/AIDS patients in their health care in Namibia. Authors: MacLachlan E, Bertman V, Ingo P, Shepard M, Ali D, O’Malley G.
  • A partnership to support leadership and management in South Africa’s health system. Consortium of Universities for Global Health. Authors: Shilumani C, Bakor A, Hlabano V.
  • A Situational Analysis of the Regional Training Centres in Nine Provinces of South Africa. Authors: Shilumani C, Shamu R, Ambrose A, Hlabano V, Bakor A, Naidoo E.
  • Strengthening health training systems in Tanzania: Evaluation of the Zonal Health Resource Centres’ progress in fulfilling their roles to coordinate health care worker training in Tanzania. Authors: Missano H, Gabriel N, Charles T, Ghent K, Kiondo V, Mawandia S, Mutahyabarwa G, Kinemo A, Stevens L.