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XVII International AIDS Conference

Mexico City, Mexico, August 3-8, 2008


  • The development of a training and mentoring plan to build monitoring and evaluation skills among 44 recent university graduates hired to strengthen M&E capacity in Botswana
    Authors: J. Ledikwe, M. Dea, S. Mawandia, N. Taffa, S. Bodika, N. Chida, G. Awuonda, R. Lebelonyane, B. Ngatia, S. Burnett, M. Weaver


  • A proactive approach to retaining clients in treatment and care
    Authors: I. Ahmed, S. Gugsa, Y. Ahmed, D. Mengiste, F. Petracca, G. Feleke.
  • The role of the HANS nurse in ART scale up
    Authors: M.A. Vitiello, A. Mekonnen, D. Mengiste, F. Petracca, G. O’Malley, C. Behrens, G. Feleke


  • An innovative tool for supporting quality of care and programme reporting: The Haiti HIV Electronic Medical Record Project
    Authors: C. Behrens, P. Joseph, R. Cassagnol, E. Louissaint, S. Wagner, B. Lober, R. Lamothe, D.R. Pierre Alexis, N. Puttkammer, P. Sutton, N.R. Labbe Coq
  • Scale-up and beyond: clinical mentoring and continuous quality improvement at Hopital de l’Universite d’Etat d’Haiti (HUEH)
    Authors: J.G. Balan, S. Bluemer, Y. Lambert, M. Elisma, N. Hyppolitte, E. Michel, J.E.A. Demes, N.R. Labbe Coq, J.R. Cornelly, C. Behrens
  • Developing a competency-based curriculum in HIV for nursing schools in Haiti
    E. Knebel, M. Prismy, R. Devirois, M.R. Mecejour, M.D.N. Lemaire, M.M.C. Duvilaire, M. Gardenia, E.V. Legagneur, C.Thomas-Riche, A. Demes, C. Behrens


  • Government hospital nurses in India work towards strengthening infection control practices
    Authors: D. Goldman
  • Creating future HIV clinical leaders and strengthening institutional workforce: an innovative HIV fellowship programme through a private/public partnership at the Government Hospital of Thoracic Medicine, India
    G. Manoharan, J. Somani, S. Rajasekaran, B. Charles, P. Nadol, K. Arivudainambi, S. Sahu, M. Friedman, M. Clark, C. Behrens


  • Task-shifting in Mozambique: evaluating antiretroviral therapy as newly implemented by mid-level health professionals
    Authors: A. Assan, F. Mudender, P.E. Brentlinger, J. Vallejo, O. Bacon, P. Martinez, A. Ghee, E. Branigan, M. Smith
  • The complete package: providing a standardized toolkit for PMTCT mother’s support groups in Mozambique
    Poster discussion, Wednesday, August 6, 2008.
    Authors: L. Jamisse, E. Jacinto, M. Robertson, D. Mahotas, W. Prosser, M. Arts, I. Butler, M. Jordon, G. O’Malley
  • A method for evaluation of quality of HIV/AIDS care after in-service training in antiretroviral therapy for Mozambican mid-level providers
    Authors: A. Assan, F. Mudender, P. Brentlinger, J. Vallejo, P. Martinez, O. Bacon, A. Ghee, E. Branigan, M. Smith


  • Building clinical skills internationally through an innovative and inexpensive webcasting program
    Authors: C. Behrens, T. Furtwangler, S. Lissit, A.Nartker, S. Burnett, D. Hughes, M. Chung