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Electronic medical records systems (EMRs) are critical for providing clinical services that are of high quality.  EMRs facilitate management of longitudinal patient records, provide clinical decision support, and facilitate reporting of data to health management information systems and disease surveillance data systems.  The Digital Initiatives Group at I-TECH (DIGI) works with OpenMRS to support contextually-tailored software development and implementation that leverages and contributes to OpenMRS as an enduring digital global good.

DIGI supports governments and other organizations with every aspect of OpenMRS design, deployment, development, training, and evaluation. The team partners with the OpenMRS community to identify, design, and develop new or enhanced features and functionalities, and bring back our expertise to all implementers, as well as with governments and local organizations for OpenMRS deployment, customization, and upskilling of staff. We perform initial landscape analysis and data collection to determine where we are starting from, technical architecture design for systems from the facility level to national scale data repositories, deployment guidance, and monitoring and evaluation strategies. 

Currently, DIGI is working with the OpenMRS community to identify, design, and develop the features needed for healthcare professionals to get the most out of the new OpenMRS 3, and ensure that it can be effectively integrated and scaled for national deployments.  DIGI has had the honor of working with Botswana, Cote d’Ivoire, and Haiti on national-scale OpenMRS projects.