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Certificate Program in Laboratory Leadership and Management

The I-TECH Certificate Program in Laboratory Leadership and Management (CPLLM) was a nine-month course that trained laboratory staff in supervisory positions leadership and management skills to make substantive and impactful improvements in laboratory testing quality and operations. The program was developed in 2013 and first piloted in 2014.

The CPLLM program employs a mentored and blended learning approach that utilizes in-country didactic and job-specific online training. Additionally, the program includes a practical application to improve service-delivery through an implementation project at a local laboratory site. CPLLM focuses on improving participants’ competencies in leadership, management, communication, policy development, laboratory data analysis, and international quality management principles.

In a survey sent out June 2018, former program participants shared how taking the CPLLM made a difference in their careers and their laboratories. The survey showed that 71% of participants who graduated with a CPLLM certificate strongly agreed that “participating in CPLLM helped […] achieve increased leadership responsibilities for positions at work.”

To date, three cohorts of participants from 11 countries have completed the program. To learn more about the program, please visit the CPLLM website.