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HIS Leadership and Governance in Kenya

As a key member of the Kenya electronic medical record (EMR) system technical working group, I-TECH works to implement and standardize the EMR systems used in the management of national HIV and AIDS care and treatment data. Similar efforts have focused on ensuring that different electronic systems can communicate with one another (interoperability) and that health care workers, administrators, and staff are well trained to use and maintain them.

Since 2009, I-TECH has collaborated with the Ministry of Health (MOH) to standardize electronic health information systems (HIS) in Kenya, streamlining data collection so that more accurate, complete, and accessible information is available to health care workers, leaders, and managers at all levels of the health system through establishing standards and guidelines for electronic HIS and integrating these into policy. I-TECH supported the publication of the following documents:

  • Standards and Guidelines for EMR Systems in Kenya
  • Standards and Guideline for Laboratory Information Systems in Kenya
  • Standards and Guidelines for Primary Health Care EMR Systems in Kenya

I-TECH is currently:

  • Developing a landscape of HIS activities across the Kenya healthcare space to support governance and use of standards.
  • Facilitating the development of a governance structure in the MOH for HIS investments.
  • Assisting the MOH in the development of a standards and certification framework for HIS investments in general, and EMRs in particular.

Providing coordination and collaboration support between the Kenya MOH, Ministry of Interior, and others for the development of a National Unique Person Identifier.