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Layering Research and Practice in Haiti

The EMR iSanté enables research on population health in Haiti, including the implementation of Option B+. This work was presented at the International AIDS Society Conference in 2015 (See “Attrition from antiretroviral treatment services among pregnant and non-pregnant patients following adoption of Option B+ in Haiti”).

Through a National Institutes of Health award, I-TECH and CHARESS researchers are conducting formative research on the potential role of EMR alerts and health care providers in ART adherence counseling in Haitian HIV primary care clinics. In the third and final phase of the study, participants are providing qualitative feedback through exit interviews and the team is reviewing evidence from the EMR on the use of the alert and its impact on HIV viral suppression as well as adherence of HIV patients on ART. Efforts are underway to integrate an enhanced alert in the new version of iSanté that would be rolled out nationally.