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Welcome to the Training Evaluation Framework and Tools (TEFT)

Introduction to the Training Evaluation Framework and accompanying tools, designed to help funders, implementers, and managers plan successful evaluations of their in-service training programs.

View the recording of our interactive webinar on TEFT to learn more about these resources.

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What is the TEFT?

The Training Evaluation Framework and Tools (TEFT) is a set of resources designed to help evaluators, implementers, and program managers at all levels plan successful evaluations of in-service training program outcomes.  The resources are organized as six steps to guide the planning of a training outcome evaluation.



Click to see a larger version of the TEFT Framework.


The Training Evaluation Framework illustrates a conceptual link between in-service trainings for health care workers and meaningful outcomes at the individual, facility, and population levels. It also explores the situational factors that might affect an evaluation. Click here for an overview of the framework and tools.

The TEFT also includes tools and resources, to guide the process of evaluation planning and support thoughtful discussions between evaluators, program implementers, and funders.

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TEFTIntroduction from UW I-TECH on Vimeo.

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