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Quality Improvement at I-TECH

www perscription handsI-TECH's quality improvement approach emphasizes ongoing assessments of program aims and operations. Country projects apply Continual Quality Improvement (CQI) strategies targeting both programmatic and management activities. Small-scale, practical Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles are used to construct improvement goals, test proposed changes, and implement adjustments, leading to increased quality of operations, service delivery, and care.

In addition to routine monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and CQI, I-TECH designs and implements operations research (the application of research methodology to inform and improve program design and management) and special studies for both I-TECH country programs and our partners. These activities enable us to answer strategic questions concerning the selection and effectiveness of program interventions. The team analyzes and designs evidence-based solutions to increase relevance, access, and scope of HIV services. Key findings are communicated to managers and leaders to improve programmatic decision making, and are disseminated through publication, when appropriate.

For more information about I-TECH's capacity to conduct operations research or special studies, contact the I-TECH Director of Quality Improvement, Gabrielle O'Malley, PhD, at

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