Clincal Mentoring Toolkit

Clinical Mentoring Toolkit

Opportunistic Infections and Clinical Care of HIV and AIDS for Health Care Workers in Namibia

This training provides knowledge and skills needed to treat and care for several opportunistic infections. This course is aimed at doctors, nurses, and clinicians who have experience providing care to people living with HIV and AIDS. It includes content on oral and oesophageal conditions; sexually transmitted infections; skin manifestations; persistent diarrhea; nutrition; respiratory conditions; neurologic system conditions; fever and lymphadenopathy; haematologic, hepatic and renal conditions; and pain management and palliative care.  Units are between 1 and 2 hours long. The course uses a case-based approach with the underlying assumption that participants are adult learners who will take considerable responsibility for their own learning. The course includes lecture, case studies, large and small group discussions, and question and answer sessions. 

Section 1: Introduction 230 KB
Unit 1: Overview: Natural History and Opportunistic Infections 475 KB
Unit 2: Oral and Oesophageal Conditions 2215 KB
Unit 3: Sexually Transmitted Infections 2128 KB
Unit 4: Skin Manifestations 66605 KB
38619 KB
47025 KB
Unit 5: Persistent Diarrhoea 696 KB
Unit 6: Nutrition 1578 KB
Unit 7: Respiratory Conditions 1400 KB
Unit 8: Neurologic System Conditions 1181 KB
Unit 9: Fever and Lymphadenpathy 970 KB
Unit 10: Haomatologic, Hepatic and Renal Conditions 857 KB
Unit 11: Pain Management and Palliative Care 681 KB
596 KB