Clincal Mentoring Toolkit

Clinical Mentoring Toolkit

I-TECH Curricula on HIV and AIDS Care and Treatment

This section contains health and HIV-related PowerPoint slide presentations from I-TECH training curricula that can be used by a clinical mentor to conduct more formal, classroom-based training of health care workers. The complete curricula, including Facilitator Guides, Participant Handbooks, and other course materials are available either on the I-TECH website or from I-TECH upon request. This section includes slide sets for seven curricula (multiday trainings with several slide sets) and materials for three workshops (shorter sessions appropriate for an hour or two of training on a focused topic). Clinical mentors are free to adapt and change these materials as needed. All of the curricula included here have been pilot tested in countries where I-TECH has offices. 

Please note that some of the curricula contain data and references that are specific to the country for which it was developed. All materials are in English unless otherwise noted; some curricula are written in British English and some in American English depending on the country for which the training was developed.

Complete Curricula

Aconselhamento em Adesão para Conselheiros e Trabalhadores da Área da Saúde em Moçambique /(Adherence Counseling for Counselors and Health Care Professionals in Mozambique)
All materials are in Portuguese
Portuguese: A formação de cinco dias é voltada para conselheiros e/ou trabalhadores da área da saúde que fornecem serviços de aconselhamento para pessoas HIV positivas, no sector de tratamento nas Unidades de Saúde, em Moçambique.
English:  This five-day training targets counselors and healthcare professionals who provide adherence counseling services to HIV-positive individuals at treatment facilities in Mozambique.

HIV Care and ART for Physicians in Ethiopia
This 7-day training provides basic information to physicians in Ethiopia on HIV, AIDS and antiretroviral therapy (ART).

Infection Control for Health Care Settings in India
This 2-day training provides a broad overview of the various aspects of infection control. It highlights the importance of appropriate infection control practices within health care settings in India, particularly in facilities with a significant number of HIV and TB-positive patients.

Nutrition Management with HIV and AIDS for Health Care Workers in Namibia
This 4-day training provides practical knowledge and skills for health workers to appropriately counsel and educate patients and caregivers on nutrition practices for health maintenance and symptom management in Namibia.

Opportunistic Infections and Clinical Care of HIV and AIDS for Health Care Workers in Namibia
This training provides knowledge and skills needed to treat and care for several opportunistic infections. This course is aimed at doctors, nurses, and clinicians providing care and treatment to people living with HIV and AIDS. 

Prise en charge thérapeutique complète des personnes vivant avec le VIH en Haïti / (National Care and Treatment of People Living with HIV in Haiti)
All materials are in French
Ce curriculum national de 15 modules couvre les questions des soins et traitement du VIH/Sida en Haïti. Les modules incluent l'épidémiologie du VIH, la physiopathologie du VIH/SIDA, l'initiation et la surveillance à la TAR, les soins pédiatriques VIH, la prévention de la transmission de la mère à l'enfant (PTME), la résistance aux antirétroviraux, le soutien psychosocial des patients sous TAR, la prise en charge des infections opportunistes et la prise en charge générale du patient.
English: This 15-module national curriculum for Haiti covers comprehensive HIV and AIDS care and treatment issues. Modules include Epidemiology of HIV, Pathophysiology of HIV/AIDS, Initiation and Monitoring of ART, Pediatric HIV Care, PMTCT, Antiretroviral Resistance, Psychosocial Support for Patients on ART, Management of Opportunistic Infections, and Management of Patient Information.

Tuberculosis In-Service Training for Medical Officers in Botswana
This training provides basic information on tuberculosis (TB) to medical officers in Botswana.


IRIS Session: From the I-TECH Clinical Seminar Series Distance Learning Program; Presented by Dr. Manoharan, Medical Director, I-TECH India
This session aims to enable participants to describe the historical picture of Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome (IRIS), define diagnostic criteria for IRIS, explain the clinical spectrum and differential diagnosis of IRIS, and discuss how to manage it.

Malaria Session: From Palliative Care for People Living with HIV and AIDS for Physicians in Ethiopia
This session provides information about the interactions between malaria and HIV and how to prevent and treat malaria in HIV-infected patients. 

WHO Clinical Staging Session: From HIV and AIDS for Medical Officers in India
This session educates participants about the modes of HIV transmission, progression of HIV infection, and the World Health Organization’s clinical staging of HIV. 

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