Clincal Mentoring Toolkit

Clinical Mentoring Toolkit


Infection Control for Health Care Settings in India

This 2-day training provides a broad overview of the various aspects of infection control. It highlights the importance of appropriate infection control practices in health care settings in India, especially in facilities with a significant number of HIV and TB-infected patients. The course is intended for health care workers who provide direct patient care as well as nurses, medical aides/assistants, physicians (non-management), and lab technicians who come into contact with blood and body fluids.

Session 1: Infection Control Overview—TB 12920 KB
Session 2: Infection Control Overview—HIV and Other Blood-borne Pathogens 5130 KB
Session 3: Hand Hygiene 9856 KB
Session 4: Clean Aseptic, and Sterile Technique 3707 KB
Session 5: Managing Medical Waste 1012 KB