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Gender/Women & Girls

UNAIDS estimates that there are 870,000 new HIV infections among women and girls each year.1 Globally, adolescent girls and young women often lack adequate health care services; access to programs that prevent and address violence; and access to HIV/STI education, testing, and treatment.

I-TECH has worked to increase access and improve health care programs and services for adolescent girls and young women through innovative in-service training in Tanzania, supporting the build of a gender-based violence database in Kenya, building clinician capacity in the Caribbean region, and starting the DREAMS program in Namibia.

1UNAIDS, 2017

Program Highlights

Innovative Training Models in Tanzania
I-TECH Tanzania has implemented many pre- and in-service training initiatives and materials, as well as adopted TrainSMART ...
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eLearning Programs in the Caribbean
I-TECH has partnered with universities and ministries of health (MoH) in the region to develop accessible in-service training opportunities for HIV providers using distance and blended learning ...
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Improving HIV Care for Key Populations in the Caribbean
Key, at-risk populations in the region include men who have sex with men (MSM), bisexual men, transgender women, and sex workers. In Jamaica, HIV prevalence among MSM was estimated at 32.8%,1 as compared to an estimated prevalence of 1.8% in the general adult population in 2017.1 Among transgender women, the ...
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Cervical Cancer Screening and Treatment in Namibia
I-TECH supported the Ministry of Health and Social Services in 2017 and 2018 in the development and dissemination of the national Cervical Cancer Prevention Guidelines including algorithms for screening, referral, and post cryotherapy instrument disinfection, and monitoring and evaluation tools ...
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