Training Development - Graphics and Images

This subcategory contains graphic images and designs for adding to your training materials. Included are medical images and a variety of maps. There are also numerous background designs to use in creating slides and overhead transparencies in Microsoft PowerPoint. Along with a gallery of choices, you’ll find directions for downloading images for your use.

See How to Use the Healthcare Images and Maps for detailed instructions.

How to Use the Healthcare Images and Maps

You can begin using the healthcare images and maps immediately to help you develop training materials. Follow these easy steps to either save an image to a folder on your computer or copy an image directly into a document.

To Save an Image to a Folder
  • Click on an image from one of the image galleries. The full-size image will appear in a window.
  • Place your cursor over the image and right-click your mouse. (A mouse usually has two "clickable" sides to it. The left side is used to navigate and the right is used to open a menu with numerous functions.) When you right-click, a menu will appear.
  • Select Save Picture As or Save Image As from the menu. A "Save Picture" or "Save Image" window will appear.
  • Make the following choices:
    1. Save in: Select a location on your computer where you want to save the image.
    2. File name: Select a file name for the image. A name is always displayed if you wish to use the given file name.
    3. Save as type: The type of file is automatically displayed (i.e., .jpg, .gif, .tif). We recommend that you do not change the file type in order to maintain the integrity of the image.
  • Click Save. Your image is now saved in the location you selected.

To Copy an Image into a Document
  • Open a document into which the image will be placed.
  • Click on an image from one of the image galleries. The full-size image will appear in a window.
  • Move your mouse over the image and right-click. A menu will appear.
  • Select Copy or Copy Image from the menu.
  • Go back to your open document and paste the image where you want it to be.

How to Use the PowerPoint Backgrounds

The PowerPoint backgrounds included in this Toolkit provide additional options for designing overhead transparencies and slide shows using Microsoft PowerPoint software. The directions below assume some familiarity with using PowerPoint and creating a Master Slide Template. They are also written for PowerPoint software programs no older than 2000. Directions may differ for PowerPoint software developed before 2000.

To Apply a Background to a PowerPoint Document
  • Save the background you wish to use following the directions above.
  • Open a PowerPoint document.
  • Select View from the top menu.
  • Click on Master.
  • Click on Slide Master. You are now in the "Master Slide Template" and are ready to apply the background you have saved.
  • Select Format from the top menu.
  • Click on Background.
  • Under "Background Fill," click on the pull-down menu indicated with an Drop Down Icon.
  • Click on Fill Effects.
  • Click on the Picture tab from the top menu.
  • Click on Select Picture. A window appears.
  • Use the "Look in" menu to browse for the background you saved on your computer.
  • When you find the background image you saved, select it with your mouse and then click Insert.
  • Click OK and then click Apply to All. Your background should appear in the "Master Slide Template."