Clincal Mentoring Toolkit

Clinical Mentoring Toolkit

Tuberculosis In-Service Training for Medical Officers in Botswana

This training provides basic information on tuberculosis (TB) to medical officers in Botswana. It consists of 12 units focusing on TB diagnosis, treatment, care, and support. Participants learn through interactive methods such as case studies, group discussions, and small group activities.

Unit 1: Course Introduction 120 KB
Unit 2: Epidemiology and TB Control 1099 KB
Unit 3: Overview of TB Disease 710 KB
Unit 4: Infection Prevention and Control 1986 KB
Unit 5: Isonizaid Preventive Therapy 324 KB
351 KB
Unit 6: Diagnosis of TB 3578 KB
191 KB
Unit 7: Treatment of TB 2670 KB
291 KB
Unit 8: Complications and Special Situations of TB 923 KB
Unit 9: Diagnosis and Treatment of Paediatric Tuberculosis 6035 KB
922 KB
Unit 10: Treating the Dually Infected Patient 2877 KB
289 KB
Unit 11: Drug Resistant TB 621 KB
157 KB
Unit 12: Reporting and Recording 6730 KB