Clincal Mentoring Toolkit

Clinical Mentoring Toolkit

Nutrition Management with HIV and AIDS for Health Care Workers in Namibia

This 4-day training provides practical knowledge and skills for health care workers to appropriately counsel and educate patients and caregivers on nutrition practices for health maintenance and symptom management. It provides tools to address the role food insecurity can play in inhibiting healthy nutrition practices, and practical steps on integrating nutrition and food security assessment, counseling, and education into HIV and AIDS care in clinical and community settings.  This interactive, seven-session course includes lecture, video, group discussion, case studies, group activities, and role plays. Each session is approximately 2 hours in length.

Introduction Session 173 KB
Session 1: The Nutrition and HIV Link 7028 KB
Session 2: Nutrition Complication with HIV and AIDS 315 KB
Session 3: Nutrition and HIV Medications 947 KB
Session 4: Infant Feeding and HIV 316 KB
Session 5: Food and Water Safety 189 KB
Session 6: Food and Nutrition Security 3116 KB
Session 7: Integrating Nutrition Assessment, Counselling, and Education into HIV and AIDS Care 743 KB