Clincal Mentoring Toolkit

Clinical Mentoring Toolkit

HIV Care and ART for Physicians in Ethiopia

This 7-day training provides basic information on HIV, AIDS, and antiretroviral therapy (ART) to enable physicians in Ethiopia to provide quality care and treatment of HIV-infected patients. The design of this course assumes that participants are professional health care workers who have little or no experience in the field of HIV and AIDS. This course promotes a multidisciplinary team model for comprehensive HIV care by bringing physicians, nurses, and pharmacists together for select sessions; through formal presentations on the multidisciplinary care approach; and via exercises and role plays for trainees. This curriculum includes 13 sessions specifically tailored for physicians, and six additional sessions developed for a combined audience of physicians, nurses, and pharmacists. The course includes teaching methods such as lectures, case studies, role plays, large and small group discussions, individual work and small group work.

Unit 1: Overview of HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia 2732 KB
Unit 2: HIV Counseling and Testing 698 KB
Unit 3: ART Practice Set-up and Procurement 813 KB
Unit 4: HIV Pathogenesis and Natural Course of the Disease 4696 KB
Unit 5: Clinical Staging of HIV/AIDS 5898 KB
Unit 6: Laboratory Testing 196 KB
Unit 7: Clinical Pharmacology of Antiretroviral Therapy 4199 KB
Unit 8: Initiation and Monitoring of Antiretroviral Therapy 200 KB
Unit 9: Changing Antiretroviral Therapy 343 KB
Unit 10: Adherence to Care and Treatment 231 KB
Unit 11: Women, HIV and PMTCT 375 KB
Unit 12: HIV and Children 10478 KB
Unit 13: Clinical Management of Common Opportunistic Infections 1144 KB
Unit 14: Management of HIV-TB Coinfection 1564 KB
Unit 15: Sexually Transmitted Infections 1,728 KB
Unit 16: HIV and Nutrition 181 KB
Unit 17: Standard Precautions and Post-Exposure Prophylaxis 394 KB
Unit 18: Palliative Care 567 KB
Unit 19: Medical Ethics 145 KB

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