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Leadership and Governance


A critical building block in the foundation to sustainable health facilities is governance, leadership and management.  I-TECH through technical assistance works to improve administrative, operations, and financial management capacity to support and retain a skilled workforce and ongoing hospital functioning. I-TECH partners with MSPP to support the development of skilled health work force and well-organized national health delivery systems. I-TECH promotes local ownership to sustain effective health systems through coordinated transition planning.  From 2011 to 2016, I-TECH worked with three referral-level hospitals (two public, one NGO-managed) under the Centers of Excellence project to improve their financial management and accounting system to better plan hospital operations and to be able to receive and manage direct funding from external sources. I-TECH continues to work with offices of the MSPP to define roles and responsibilities to increase ownership of health information systems which will be fully transitioned to local management by September 2018. 

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