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I-TECH's Guyana Program closed on March 25, 2011. I-TECH has been working in collaboration with Ministry of Health and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Global AIDS Program (CDC GAP) since 2005 to support capacity building in Guyana. The overall goal of I-TECH's work in Guyana is to coordinate and ensure high-quality training in HIV and AIDS care and treatment nationwide, according to national policy and international standards.

Spotlight: Guyana's Award-Winning Website

I-TECH's first project in Guyana was provision of technical support to develop an electronic resource center for sharing information among partner organizations, enhancing coordination, and increasing collaboration. This concept was broadened: a website would be developed, with information not only for these organizations, but also for health care professionals, young people, general users, and the media.

A development committee was created to guide the website's design, such that it caters to the target audiences, and a technical review committee was formed to manage content. The development process involved building databases for interactive features, designing the layout and navigation, identifying and adding relevant content, and conducting a usability test. The site was officially launched in December 2005.

Guyana website wide

In July 2007, the website was nominated by DevNet for a World Summit Award. The World Summit Award is a global initiative of the United Nation's World Summit on Information Society, which selects and promotes the world's best e-content. In September 2007, the World Summit Award Office International Center for New Media announced that the Guyana National HIV and AIDS Programme website was selected as one of the best practice examples of quality e-content in the world.


I-TECH's GUYANA PROGRAM Closed on 25 march 2011.

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I-TECH worked in collaboration with Ministry of Health Guyana and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Global AIDS Program (CDC GAP) between 2005 and 2011 to support capacity building in Guyana. I-TECH's work in Guyana supported coordination and implementation of high-quality training in HIV and AIDS care and treatment nationwide, according to national policy and international standards. I-TECH also supported the Guyana National HIV Programme website to improve information sharing, management, and coordination of HIV and AIDS prevention, care, and treatment efforts in Guyana.

I-TECH's Guyana program closed in March 2011, with all activities transitioned to the Guyanese Ministry of Health.

Program Highlights

National Training Calendar. I-TECH Guyana developed the national HIV and AIDS Care and Treatment Training Calendar. The quarterly training calendar provides ready access for health care professionals and other stakeholders to all HIV and AIDS care and treatment training activities carried out by the Ministry of Health and partner agencies.

Training Database. I-TECH Guyana is responsible for tracking all HIV and AIDS-related care and treatment trainings that take place in Guyana, using the web-based TrainSMART database to track training activities, participants, and trainers.

Guyana's National HIV and AIDS Website. The website was created to promote an understanding and awareness of the Government of Guyana National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan; encourage coordination and collaboration among implementing partners through information-sharing; and increase access to HIV and AIDS information, resources, and tools for health professionals, members of the media, and the general public. The website has both interactive and static media. Features include a virtual library, an events calendar, a news archive, and HIV and AIDS service listings.

Pre-Service HIV and AIDS Curricula. I-TECH Guyana worked closely with the various health care professional schools in the country to assist in the integration of HIV and AIDS care and treatment content into pre-service curricula.

In-Service HIV and AIDS Curricula. In collaboration with the Ministry of Health and partner agencies, I-TECH developed national standardized in-service curricula on HIV and AIDS for nurses, pharmacists, and MEDEX. Extensive involvement of local experts and leaders has enabled stakeholder input and buy-in, ensuring that the materials are a valuable resource for all.

Training Materials

Training modules and products developed by I-TECH Guyana include:

  • HIV/AIDS Basics for Nurses training. The aim of the training course is to provide basic information for nurses on HIV, AIDS, and antiretroviral therapy.
  • HIV Basics for Pharmacists training. The goal of the materials is to train pharmacists to adequately procure, administer, and dispense antiretroviral drugs as part of their roles in providing and supporting state-of-the art care for people infected with HIV.
  • Guyana Standardized Training Monitoring and Evaluation Package. This package is designed to assist training programs in Guyana by providing validated monitoring and evaluation tools, and information on adapting these tools to specific training activities.

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