Program Highlights

Health Information Systems in Haiti
At the request of the MSPP and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Global AIDS Program in Haiti (CDC GAP), I-TECH began developing iSanté electronic medical records system in 2005. Use of iSanté data not only has the capacity to improve clinical decision making and quality of care at ...
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HIV, TB and Malaria in Haiti
I-TECH supported the extension of quality HIV care to 34 sites of the Haitian MSPP care and services network. In 2016, I-TECH worked with the National Malaria Control Program to develop training videos to improve the implementation of the diagnosis and treatment protocol ...
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Workforce Development in Haiti
It is critical that health care providers receive the necessary training to empower them to improve patient outcomes. I-TECH supports both pre-service and in-service training efforts in Haiti. In particular, I-TECH is a key partner of MSPP in maintaining its national clinical guidelines.  ...
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