HIV and STI Prevention

Program Highlights

Case Finding and Retention in Care in Mozambique
I-TECH works with MISAU to expand a pilot project to provide an assisted partner services intervention. The project is aimed at encouraging patients newly diagnosed with HIV infection to disclose their status to their partners, and bring them to the clinic for testing ...
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HIV Peer Navigators in South Africa
Through its Engagement to Care (I-CARE) Program, I-TECH is piloting an intervention that includes a Peer Navigator training program for ward-based outreach teams (WBOTs) and facility-based health care workers. This aims to enhance linkage and retention to HIV care, helping to ensure that those who test HIV positive continue to ...
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HIV Testing Services in Botswana
I-TECH Botswana conducts facility-based HIV testing at selected PEPFAR supported scale-up sites in seven PEPFAR districts. Testing is carried out by Health Care Assistants and includes expanded provider initiated testing and counseling. In addition, I-TECH Botswana conducts regular CQI visits at I-TECH-supported facilities and provides support for linkage to care ...
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Human Resources for Health in Mozambique
I-TECH’s long engagement with clinician education in Mozambique includes support for improvements to the national undergraduate (“pre-service”) curriculum for laboratory technicians (Técnicos Medio de Laboratório) to make the content more current and reflect the health care priorities of the country, including advances in HIV diagnostics and treatment monitoring. The curriculum ...
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