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Operations Research and Evaluation

I-TECH specializes in developing appropriate research designs and methods for application in resource-limited settings, to get answers to research questions in real time. A university-based program, I-TECH draws from experts in qualitative and quantitative methods in a wide range of theoretical and practical disciplines, including health economics, anthropology, health sciences, medicine, and education.

I-TECH's monitoring and evaluation staff work to ensure the efficacy of health care training sessions and programs by applying their expertise in cost analysis, data collection, and measurement to rigorous evaluations of these interventions.

Test loggingI-TECH conducts operations research to inform every phase of programming, starting with assessments to clarify the underlying nature and parameters of a problem before an intervention begins, ensuring that the appropriate one will be developed or applied.

Special studies are also designed to answer questions about specific program strategies and approaches. Such research questions might include: Will an intensive nurse training program result in more effective patient care? Will onsite clinical mentoring help to improve systems related to patient care? What type of interventions will lead to improved screening and care of HIV-infected mothers and their babies?

Monitoring ongoing projects and programs allows for midstream corrections; key findings are communicated to managers and leaders to improve programmatic decision making. Results are disseminated through publication, when appropriate.

Additionally, I-TECH has significant capacity in the rapidly expanding field of health informatics for resource-limited clinical settings. I-TECH develops tools and systems—such as the Training System Monitoring and Reporting Tool (TrainSMART)—and provides technical assistance for electronic medical records, training management, and remote clinical diagnostic systems.

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