Implementation Science

I-TECH specializes in developing appropriate research designs and methods for application in resource-limited settings, to get answers to research questions in real time. A university-based program, I-TECH draws from experts in qualitative and quantitative methods in a wide range of theoretical and practical disciplines, including health economics, anthropology, health sciences, medicine, and education.

Program Highlights

Key Populations Sensitization Training for Health Care Workers in South Africa
I-TECH South Africa aims to increase uptake of HIV prevention, care, and treatment services by key, at-risk populations, in order to improve primary care ...
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Strengthening Regional Training Centres in South Africa
I-TECH is supporting Regional Training Centres (RTCs) across provinces to increase their capacity to coordinate in-service trainings, with an emphasis on reaching the 90-90-90 indicators ...
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Technical Assistance to the NDoH Health Information Management and Applied Epidemiology in South Africa
I-TECH South Africa has supported the development and pilot of 10 Health Information and Management of Applied Epidemiology modules. Expected outcomes include enhanced data quality and increased comprehension of Health Information Management and Applied Epidemiology at a facility level ...
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