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Technical Implementation Guides

I-TECH’s Technical Implementation Guides (TIGs) are a series of practical and instructional papers designed to support staff and partners in their efforts to create and maintain quality programs worldwide.

Organizing and Conducting Focus Groups (PDF)

A focus group is a structured conversation used to obtain in-depth information from a group of people about a particular topic. Focus groups are often used as a planning tool when developing a new program or service, or as a way to get feedback on specific topics.

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Guidelines for Pre- and Post-Testing (PDF)

Pre- and post-tests are used to measure knowledge gained from participating in a training course. This guide will provide you with information on when and how to use pre- and post-tests, tips for developing good questions, instructions for how to validate and administer pre- and post-tests, and a description of how to analyze results.

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Piloting a Curriculum: Evaluating the Effectiveness of a New Training (PDF)

Pilot-testing a curriculum is an important aspect of quality control in training and can help to ensure that the time and investment in training really pays off. This guide presents an approach for conducting such an evaluation.

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Writing Good Learning Objectives (PDF)

A learning objective is a statement of what the learner will know, understand, or be able to do as a result of engaging in a learning activity. Well-written learning objectives are essential to building a strong foundation in the development of training materials.

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Qualitative Interviews (PDF)

Qualitative interviews are one-on-one, interactive conversations between an interviewer and an informant. The objective of qualitative interviews is to get detailed information, in the form of narratives or stories, of people’s experiences, local histories, and shared knowledge to get verbal pictures of systematic behaviors.

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Rapid Evaluation (PDF)

The purpose of this guide is to introduce the basic concepts and methods used in rapid evaluations, and to demonstrate how this approach can be applied to the various stages of program development and implementation.

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Organizar e Conduzir Grupos Focais (PDF)

"Organizing and Conducting Focus Groups" in Portuguese, size A4.

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Orientações para Pré e Pós-Teste (PDF)

"Guidelines for Pre- and Post-Testing" in Portuguese, size A4.

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Formulação dos Objectivos de Aprendizagem Efectivos (PDF)

"Writing Good Learning Objectives" in Portuguese, size A4.

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Testagem Piloto dum Currículo: Avaliar a Efectividade de uma Nova Formação (PDF)

"Piloting a Curriculum: Evaluating the Effectiveness of a New Training" in Portuguese, size A4.

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Piloter un Curriculum: Evaluer l’Efficacité d’une Nouvelle Formation (PDF)

"Piloting a Curriculum: Evaluating the Effectiveness of a New Training" in French.

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Applying the Model for Improvement at I-TECH (PDF)

The Model for Improvement is a methodology used to develop and implement quality improvement.

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