Essential Supervisory Skills

I-TECH’s Essential Supervisory Skills were designed to help supervisors contribute to the success of their teams and I-TECH. The interaction and relationship between the employee and supervisor is critical to the employee’s performance and contribution to the team. Because these lessons and tools are applicable in many contexts, I-TECH is sharing the document publicly as a resource for our professional peers.

This easy-to-use guide gives managers a step-by-step plan to develop their supervisory skills while helping their employees reach their potential.

Chapter One: Core Concepts of Supervision
Learn about the key attributes of effective supervisors and the traits of a great boss.

Chapter Two: Accountability
Discover how to implement a quarterly accountability routine by setting clear team goals.

Chapter Three: Performance Evaluation
Uncover the keys to successful performance evaluations and how to build on employees’ strengths while stopping weaknesses.

Chapter Four: Correcting Performance Problems
Learn how fairness, good faith and timeliness are critical addressing employee performance issues.

Chapter Five: Helping Staff Grow
Find out how some key ways to help your employees reach their potential.

Chapter Six: Your Management Style
Consider the two main qualities in your management style.

Chapter Seven: Effective Hiring
Find out how careful planning and recruiting can help you make great hires.