Here are all the tools that are included in the TEFT. Each tool includes instructions and a sample.


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Step 1: Training Evaluation Framework Template

The template is a "blank" copy of the Training Evaluation Framework. You will fill it out with the anticipated outcomes of the training intervention you are evaluating.


Step 2: Situational Factors Worksheet

The Situational Factors Worksheet will help you to identify situational factors that may influence the outcomes of your training intervention, and to think about how you might address these in your evaluation.


Step 3: Evaluations Considerations Tool

Use the Evaluation Considerations Tool to help determine what level and categories of outcome might be best for your evaluation, based on 5 considerations.


Step 4: Questions and Indicators Template

Use the Questions and Indicators Template to define the questions your evaluation will address and the indicators you will analyze to answer your questions.


Step 5: Design and Methods Tables

The Design and Methods Tables provide a description of basic processes and concepts related to design and methods for training outcome evaluation, and include a set of examples.  These may help you choose a design and methods to gather the information you need to answer your evaluation questions.


Step 6: Planning Template

Use the Planning Template to compile the ideas you have developed into a workplan with the details you need to guide implementation of your evaluation.








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