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Links to additional resources on program evaluation

Many additional resources on program evaluation are available on the Internet.
Here, the TEFT team has carefully selected and provided links to resources that we believe may be useful. 

Many of these resources are from well-known and reputable global health leaders, including Family Health International, the World Health Organization, and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Others are from smaller groups working to improve and support quality evaluation. Some introduce or clarify general and fundamental concepts that can be applied to your evaluations; others are specific to certain topics.

The links in each section below are listed first by topic and then in order by date of publication or production, from most to least recent.

Evaluation Design and Methods

Data Analysis

Evaluation of Training

Evaluation and Research Ethics

Budgeting for Evaluation

Note: These resources were not created by I-TECH or by HRSA; neither is responsible for the content or your experience once you have left this page. The material does not necessarily reflect the views of I-TECH or HRSA.

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