Health Information Systems in Botswana

I-TECH has worked with the MOHW to develop and implement a robust national health information system (HIS) that enables greater efficiency and accountability and strategic use of information. These health informatics systems include:

  • Real-time Reporting System: Support a real-time SMS-based reporting system which utilizes a toll-free number for monitoring and reporting of key program indicators related to HIV testing, HIV care and treatment, TB, and PMTCT.
  • TB Health Information System: Develop and maintain the national TB patient level health information management system based on the OpenMRS platform to increase efficiency in identification, care, and treatment of TB patients.
  • TB Monitoring & Evaluation: Ensure the availability of strategic information to support continuous quality improvement initiatives and provide technical assistance at the facility-level to improve the quality of tuberculosis data.
  • HIV Data Warehouse: Ensure the availability of strategic information to monitor progress toward reaching epidemic control, with particular focus on linkages to care and the care continuum.