Improving HIV Care and Treatment across the Caribbean Region

I-TECH continues to support a variety of activities aimed at improving HIV/AIDS care and treatment in the Caribbean region. Support ranges from on-site clinical mentoring to development of training curricula, or clinical support materials to improve care and treatment for HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean region.

Clinical mentoring, through on-site visits, HIV warmline consultations, or telementoring, serves to build the capacity of clinicians to provide quality care to PLHIV and teach skills that increase clinician’s ability to comfortably prescribe ART in a variety of clinical settings. The clinical mentoring program serves to support the provision of quality treatment and care and to improve the comprehensive care of key populations through the provision of on-site mentoring of inexperienced clinicians by an experienced HIV clinician.

Through modeling of best practice and the iterative development of content knowledge clinical mentoring equips the clinician to deliver quality care consistently thus enabling them to better identify and manage the challenges to ART service delivery at treatment sites initiating test & start. The mentoring activities have also adopted the added focus of supporting viral suppression through on-site docket reviews of patients who are not suppressed on ART thus moving directly to address a major gap in the cascade of care at HIV treatment sites.

Starting in October 2017, I-TECH will offer HIV providers and clinics the opportunity to participate in an HIV community of practice through a distance-based telementoring program. This activity will provide access to regular, brief HIV clinical updates along with an opportunity to present and receive consultation on challenging or unusual clinical care issues from a team of HIV multi-cadre experts as well as from the community of practice.